Geotechnical Investigation and Dewatering
IVCC conducted geological investigation of 47 boreholes in all types of soil and rock using rotary drilling equipment including recovery of cores and provision of core boxes and SPT tests. A total number drilling footage, for boreholes, was 1316 meters. Work also included drilling and installation of 55 Dewatering Wells. IVCC also submitted detailed Geotechnical reports.

Piling Work
IVCC installed a total number of 3,233 Piles with diameter up to 1 meter and the maximum depth of 25 meters. The total drilling footage for these piles was 58,355 meters. 240 PDA Tests and 1002 PIT Tests were also carried out and 1976 tons of Rebar Steel was used.

Client: SEPCO III Electric Power Construction Corporation/ Sinohydro Resources Ltd./Port Qasim Coal Fired Electric Power Co. Ltd.