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Soil and Geotechnical Investigations

IVCC was the first company in Pakistan to work on floating barges and remains the leading company for geotechnical investigations.


IVCC was the first Pakistani company to perform Soil & Geotechnical Investigation works. Also the first Pakistani company to work on floating barges. We still remain the leading company for Soil & Geotechnical Investigation as proven by the hundreds of successfully completed projects that were undertaken by IVCC for a variety of global clients.

Piling Works and Load Testing Projects

It is a matter of pride for us that IVCC was the first company to begin working on the Pakistan motorway project to create piles in diameter from 2.2m to 66m.


IVCC has done the largest diameter (2.2 meters) piles to the greatest depth (64 meters) in Pakistan which were done on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway Project. IVCC has also performed the heaviest load test by any Pakistani company in Pakistan (4000 tons) at Creek Marina, Karachi. We are also the only company in the country which is equipped to perform fully instrumented load tests.

Drilling, Grouting Works and Mineral Exploration

We have worked in the most demanding conditions across the most hostile terrains in Pakistan and always completed what we set out to do.


We have worked in the most demanding conditions across the most hostile terrains in Pakistan and always completed what we set out to do. IVCC engineers have worked across the length and breadth of Pakistan which has given us deep cultural familiarity across several regions and areas especially in zones that may be considered hostile by others.

Other Specialized Civil Engineering Works

IVCC has always performed better than others when it comes to completing specialized engineering projects where the competition is tough and little margin for error.


IVCC has always performed better than others when it comes to completing specialized engineering projects where the competition is tough and there is little margin for error. Our clients are demanding and we are only proud to have such clients since they provide us with the challenges that no other construction company in the country can complete in the manner that we can.

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Whether you are an owner, contractor, architect or consulting engineer, IVCC Engineering provides you unique advantages for your projects

Quality Policy

We strive for provision of quality services in civil construction works. For us, customer satisfaction is the most important criterion of quality, requiring that our service must be technically sound, reasonably priced and timely delivered. Our objective is to implement and maintain this international standard to enable us to reduce customer complaints and improve on the quality of our services. We are committed to complying with the requirements of this international standard and all other applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and intend to improve upon the quality management system continually.

Recent Projects

Take a look at some of the recent projects we have completed as well as projects from our archives which highlight our performance and our abilities as specialized engineering solutions providers.

What our clients have said about us

“Working successfully in the Tribal Area requires technical know how, skill, and is greatly dependent on sound as well as efficient administrative/logistic support. By virtue of their long and varied experience the performance of Messers Indus Valley Construction Co. Ltd., has been commendable.”

Government of Pakistan • States and Frontier Regions Division

Perhaps the most difficult assignment of the entire field investigation program, the riverbed drilling, was managed with great determination by IVCC Engineering. The investigation program could not have been successful without their continued efforts and commitment towards bringing it to completion.

CIDA • Hydroelectric Feasibility Study

It gives us great pleasure to acknowledge and recognize the professionalism as well as the technical expertise of IVCC staff. Their workmanship was superior, organization excellent and the quality of the end result was splendid. We are completely satisfied with the work they have done for us.

Packages Limited • Kasur Factory Project

During the time we worked together, we found all IVCC staff that we interacted with to be honest, diligent, punctual and very hardworking. We have no hesitation in saying that IVCC Engineering is absolutely capable when it comes to meeting given deadlines and they get the job done.

Mohmand Construction Company • Chakdara Bridge Pile Works

“The works included the drilling for and installation of one tubewell 60m deep and 8 piezometers of depth varying from 20 to 60 m. In addition, Indus Valley Construction Company was responsible for developing the well and operating it during the test. We are satisfied with all aspects of work.”

Binnie & Partners • Consulting Engineers, UK

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With more than 64 international and 234 local partners in the construction industry IVCC is the ideal company to hire for your construction project.

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