Mahl Hydropwer Project in Pakistan: Proposed 590 MW on Jhelum River & Mahl River at the border of AJ&K and Punjab Province.

Geotechnical Investigation
IVCC drilled 52, vertical and inclined, Boreholes. These had a maximum depth of up to 235 meters. This work included Land & Submerged Drilling. 523 water pressure tests were carried out and the drilling footage was 5,098 meters.

Adits Work
IVCC also worked on Excavation (tunneling) of 1 Exploratory Adit (Size 2mx2m) for Site Investigation (location PD3) and total length of the Adit was 34 meters.

Client: Shanghai Investigation, Design & Research Institute Co. Ltd. (SIDRI) P.R. China /Pakistan Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA)