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Geological Investigation Work Mahl Hydropwer Project in Pakistan under CPEC 2016

Mahl Hydropwer Project in Pakistan: Proposed 590 MW on Jhelum River & Mahl River at the border of AJ&K and Punjab Province: Boreholes Drilling for Geological Investigation Work. Scope of Work: Drilling of 52 Nos. Boreholes Land Drilling (vertical& inclined) [...]

Kohala Hydropower Project under CPEC (District Muzaffarabad, Pakistan) 2016

Geotechnical Investigations in Pakistan IVCC drilled 4 Boreholes, ZKT-4 (Dia. P/H/N/B), ZKT-5 (Dia. H/N), ZKT-6 (Dia. H/N) and ZKC-15 (Dia. H/N). These had a maximum depth of up to 400 meters. Total drilling footage for this phase was 1,325 meters. [...]

Azad Pattan Hydropower Project under CPEC (Jehlum River, Pakistan) 2017

Geotechnical Investigation & Adits Work in Pakistan Drilling of 2 Boreholes ZKC-1 (70 Meters) and ZKC-2 (45 Meters) on Jhelum River. IVCC Carried out Carry out 20 water pressure tests and 2 water injection tests (Total drilling 115 meters). [...]

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